Infant massage has so many benefits for new parents, massage has been shown to encourage bonding, alleviate constipation, and even reduce stress for both parent and child! However massage can aid Mom while baby is still in the womb. Several studies have shown the wide range of benefits prenatal massage provides 토닥이. This includes combating prenatal depression, which is an issue affecting pregnant mothers all over the world.

49% of pregnant women experience prenatal depression which can be a significant threat to your unborn child. Potential complications of prenatal depression include prematurity, low birth weight and more incidences of intensive care at birth. This stress and depression greatly affects the infant both emotionally and mentally even causing motor delays during infancy. These emotional problems can follow them into childhood making the prevention and treatment of prenatal massage an important contribution to a healthy birth.

Pregnant women were randomly assigned a twenty minute massage or experienced relaxation therapy two times weekly. While both groups reported lower anxiety levels and less leg pain, only the massaged group reported reduced anxiety, depression and back pain, as well as, better sleep by the last day of the study. The prematurity rate was significantly lower in the massage therapy group versus the relaxation control group (0% versus 17%).

In another study, pregnant women who were diagnosed as depressed received a 20-min massage at home from their significant other twice per week. Throughout the course of the study, the massage therapy group had fewer symptoms of depression, fewer complications including a lower prematurity rate. In another study, pregnant women diagnosed with major depression were given 12 weeks of twice per week massage therapy by their significant other versus a standard prenatal care as the control group. A reduction in depression by the end of the therapy period and reductions in depression and cortisol levels during the postpartum period were some of the benefits seen in the massage therapy group in comparison to the control group. Their newborns had reduced rate of premature birth and low birth weight even performing better on orientation and motor scales.

While these studies focused on women who were currently depressed, the same benefits are transferable to all pregnant women. A great way to get ready for your bundle of joy is to practice massage before they arrive. You will be introduced to massage and be able to create a great tradition with your baby.. Luckily most massage therapists, are certified in both prenatal and infant massage making it easier to have a complete plan ready for you and your family!

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