Gaming is a progressive illness that is often driven by deep seated emotions. It is painful, confusing, frustrating. You may be feeling many emotions and having many property thoughts, including suicide. It is sad, but some players arrive at the incorrectly recognized conclusion dewapoker that their loved ones, friends, the world, would be better off without them. If you or someone you know is at this point, or close to it, there are a few things to consider.

If you are causing pain to someone, that person must value you. In a cold world that can use all the love and kindness it can get, that is something special and precious. If someone cares about you about you enough to be hurt from your gaming, then you have a reason to live. Your death won’t stop his or her pain. That thought pattern is just an indication of how confused a problem gambler can become because of the gaming addiction.

In order to help you to understand the problem better and to control your feelings and thoughts, let’s separate them. When people act purely for emotional reasons, sometimes they do things that can cause problems later on that could have been avoided if they’d taken the time to reflect them through. You can do this little exercise while you are alone, so answer the straightforward questions honestly and as best you can. You are the only one who will dsicover them, so you have nothing to lose and perchance, something to gain.

Start off by writing a list of ten things you value these days or your priorities. If gaming is primary, be honest, said at the top of the list. If it is second or third, said there. List the people you value, your career or goals in life, things you would like to do, some thing that matters to you, but make sure it is something you value, not something you think you should value based on society’s values.

Once you have your list, look it over carefully and piece together any of the items if you decide they fit in a different order.

The next step is to write a short description, it be also just a few words, to describe your thoughts, what you think, not feel, about that subject. For instance, let’s say the third thing on your list, the third most important thing in your life, is getting a better job. For your thoughts beside it you might write, “more money would help me to take better care of people I love, more money would give me more time to spend gaming. inches Write your thoughts about each item in the list.

Like I said, be honest. Such as the example above, you may have more than one thought and they may even manage to conflict with each other.

Next, take some time and write down your feelings about all of the thoughts you just wrote down. In the example above you said you thought it would give you more time with your family. Your feeling about that might be, “I feel guilty because even when I am with them I am thinking about gaming. inches Remorse is a feeling. We are distancing thoughts and feelings, but also relating them together. So write your feelings, whatever they may be, beside each thought.

You have a thinking mind and a feeling mind, your conscious mind and your depths of the mind. A lot of the confusion people suffer from in life is that their thoughts and feelings, their depths of the mind and conscious, may be in conflict. An example of that is, “I feel like going to the casino tonite, but I know I should spend an afternoon with my kids. inches One part of you feels one thing while another part thinks something that is in conflict.

In the battle between the depths of the mind feeling mind and the conscious thinking mind, the depths of the mind usually wins, in the long run. It’s the same important, in order to get your behavior under control, to find a stronger feelings to make you should do the same things you think you should do. Writing down your feelings and thoughts is how you start that process.

For many people with addictions, finally changing the behavior often only happens after he or she has hit very low and has suffered and caused so much pain, that there is a strong emotional pull to correct the situation or ease the pain. While that happens to many people, it doesn’t have to happen in order for you to change if you can start distancing thoughts and feelings and really taking a good look at them.

A waterfall is an illustration of this how this exercise can help you to understand yourself and your problem better. If you are standing directly under a waterfall, let’s say the waterfall of emotions and thoughts that bombard you every day, it is difficult to see clearly. But if you step back, out of the flow of water, or thoughts and feelings, you can see the waterfall much more clearly. When you step back and look at the waterfall, it looks much different than it did when your eyes were full of water. When you look at the thoughts and feelings from the outside of them, it enables you to get a better grip and to understand why you can start to make changes.

If you have you to definitely discuss this list with, someone who could possibly help and whom you can trust, then share it with him or her. Another alternative is to sit in on a Players Private meeting. You can just sit and listen if you like. In hearing their ideas and opinions, their thoughts and feelings, you may gain some insight about your own that will help you to sort them out. Read your list just before you head into the meeting and then listen to what the people assert. Sit in the back, if you like, you don’t have to do anything, but sit and listen, if you like. As you listen to the people in the meeting, try to separate their thoughts from their feelings. After a while, you will know the way they got where they are and how they was able to change.

If you fail to find a GA meeting nearby, then try an AA meeting. Addiction is addiction and though people with drinking problems may not be exactly like you, they may have some similarities that will help you to understand yourself better. One thing that you should know about life and being human is that many people reach low points in their lives, but somehow manage to survive them and to live fulfilling lives afterward. You can do it, too. Wait a little longer, make your list and share it with someone or go to a meeting and start working on making a better future for yourself. It is never too late.

Using this list is a way to clarify your thinking and feeling. Look at the things you value first. Next, look at what you see each one. Finally, look at what you feel about that thought. Do you see the conflicts? This is the source of your confusion. You may not be able to correct it all overnight, but at least you have made a primary step to understand it and to help yourself and the other people in your life.

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